WC Meister is the perfect choice for everyone, who wants to have hygienically cleaned toilet!

WC Meister brand focuses only on the articles for toilets, thanks to this, the products which you receive is the highest quality. At the moment, the following articles are available in the offer of WC Meister: WC gels, toilet rim cages, and colouring blocks for a flushing bowl. Each of the products has been rigorously tested and suited to the current Customer expectations.

WC Meister articles are not only cleaning and refreshing a toilet, but they also prevent accumulation of a limescale and they get rid of bacteria. All our offered cleaning products are environment friendly.

What distinguishes WC Meister products from other articles?

WC Meister articles are dedicated for use in a toilet. They not only allow to remain cleanliness and get rid of limescale, but they are also very effective in removing germs. It is the choice which guarantee an hygienically cleaned toilet!

  • Decent price, which goes side by side with the high quality of the articles.

  • Line of WC Meister products is continuously extended, thanks to which it gains more and more receivers.

  • The effectiveness of the products have been confirmed by a number of independent tests.

  • Each of the WC Meister product is available in a range of the fragrance options.

What distinguishes WC Meister products?

Line of WC Meister products

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