WäscheMeister – ideal for anyone who is looking for savings!

WäscheMeister is a line of economic products, dedicated for people who look for savings in a home budgets. The line includes: washing agents (e.g. washing powders, washing gels, fabric conditioner) as well as dishwasher tablets.

Reasonable price does not affect the quality of the products – each of them is tested in our laboratories in order to make sure that the articles meet the customers’ expectations being at the same time efficient and eco-friendly.

We are also constantly developing the line of the product by adding new articles, as a part of our policy to always respond to customers’ expectations from all over the world.

What distinguishes WäscheMeister products?

Economical washing agents can be found in the WäscheMeister offer. These products are the perfect solution for anyone, who is looking for savings in a home budget!

  • Reasonable price, goes hand in hand with good quality.
  • Usage convenience – not only handy packaging but also way of usage and concentration of the article.
  • Efficiency – for instance, 10,5 kg package of WäscheMeister washing powder is sufficient for up to 140 washes.

  • The line of the WäscheMeister products is constantly expanded, thanks to which more and more customers are happy with our articles.

WäscheMeister – ideal for people looking for savings!

The line of products WäscheMeister

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