Washing powders Herr Klee C.G.

German washing powders Herr Klee C.G. are very successful in removing stains and at the same time, they are efficient – 10 kg of washing powder is enough, for up to 120 washes. Powders have amazing, refreshing fragrance.

Herr Klee C.G. washing powders dissolved well in water, they are not causing skin irritation or allergies. They include in its formula the ANTI KALK system, thanks to which there is no need of using separate descalers in order to protect washing machine.

Washing powders are offered in 2 size of foil packaging – 3, 5 and 10 kg. Universal and Colour powders are available in this range.

Washing powders Herr Klee C.G.

Types of powders:

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