Herr Klee C.G. – cleaning products on which you can rely!

Herr Klee C.G. Brand offers not only washing articles but also the full range of cleaning agents – starting with washing up liquids, various articles for dishwashers, ending with window and glass cleaners and WC gels. This brand is dedicated for anyone who expect effectiveness and comfortable use of cleaning products, in reasonable price.

In order to meet developing customer expectation, Herr Klee C.G. brand is constantly working on widening its offer. Each new product is design to fit the current market demands and suits, as good as possible, to the high customers’ requirements.

Affordable price, together with all mentioned features of the brand, makes these cleaning agents reliable products.

What distinguishes the products of Herr Klee C.G.?

If you are looking for cleaning agents which are comfortable in use, highly effective and at the same time have reasonable price, the Herr Klee C.G. brand is for you!

  • Reliability which has been proven by independent studies.

  • Comfort of usage – inducing handy packaging, easy way of application/usage as well as density.

  • Continuous improvement and work to meet current markets’ demands.
  • A wide offer of cleaning agents is being developed all the time, thanks to which new customers are gained.

Herr Klee C.G. – cleaning products on which you can rely!

The line of the products of Herr Klee C.G.