GlanzMeister dishwasher freshener

Between a washing cycle, an odour, may accumulate inside a dishwasher. It is easily noticeable when a dishwasher is being opened to place in it additional dishes. With use of the GlanzMeister dishwasher freshener, that unpleasant smell, would be neutralized.

GlanzMeister freshener eliminates the odour, giving fresh long lasting fragrance, which last up to 60 days.

This product is extremely easy to use in each type and brand of a dishwasher, as it has its own clamping system.

There are couple fragrance options available in the offer (lemon, green apple and mint) – therefore you never be bored with this product. Wide scent range is another aspect which distinguish this article from other products of this type available on the market.

GlanzMeister dishwasher freshener

Types of offered fresheners: