Buzzy – perfect cleanliness in your home!

Buzzy is a professional line of cleaning products manufactured for the English market. At the moment, Buzzy detergents, i.e. washing powder and gel, are available in our offer. Buzzy washing products are a guarantee of the highest quality on the market, which is available at your fingertips.

The products handle the most stubborn stains at low temperatures and on short washing cycles without problems. They easily rinse in water without leaving stains or damp patches. They make the fabrics smell fresh for a long time.

Europe Distribution Group Sp. z o.o. is an authorized distributor and importer of Buzzy products. We are involved in wholesale in Poland, as well as export abroad.

What distinguishes Buzzy products?

Household chemicals from England - Buzzy

Firstly, the Buzzy brand means high quality that you can rely on. Buzzy is an innovative composition that makes cleaning products efficient in every situation and effectively facilitate daily cleaning.

  • Innovative formula of the products ensures their effectiveness in the fight against the most difficult dirt.

  • Efficiency – for example Buzzy Powder 6.16 kg is enough for even 112 washes.

  • The convenience of use – not only in terms of packaging, but also the method of use or concentration.

  • Buzzy cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

Buzzy products line