What distinguishes us is the exceptional offer on the market.
More than 1,500 products from over 140 brands from the countries around the world.

Nowadays, the use of disinfectants has become more important. We disinfect not only our hands, but also everything that comes into direct contact with our skin as well as the objects around us that we use on a daily basis.

The offer of Europe Distribution Group includes a full range of specialized disinfectants for washing and cleaning. The hypoallergenic line of washing and disinfecting agents Mr. ZIGGI is perfect for washing clothes, towels or bedding for people with skin problems as well as for small children. Products from this line will be great at dealing with mites and fungi that are dangerous to health.

The offer of disinfectants includes washing, cleaning and cleaning agents, as well as cosmetics such as liquid soaps and gels from brands such as: