What distinguishes us is the exceptional offer on the market.
More than 1,500 products from over 140 brands from the countries around the world.

Highly active ingredients, pro-ecological composition and conscious responsive production – these are the features that characterize our offer of ecological lines of products for washing, cleaning and dishwashing.

In response to a growing ecological awareness among consumers, the need to care for and respect the natural environment we offer a completely new line of GlanzMeister Platinium dishwasher products, which have the Ecolabel certificate, confirming compliance with strict ecological standards. The offer of this line includes ecological, biodegradable tablets in a self-dissolving foil and an efficient and convenient gel. These products do not contain zeolites, phosphates and microplastics, and the packaging is recyclable. GlanzMeister Platinium is already operating at 35 degrees Celsius and can handle even the most stubborn dirt, give it shine and protect the dishes against corrosion while taking care of the natural environment.

Green solutions are also included in our unique range of detergents, which are characterized by a clean, environmentally friendly composition and ecological production.

For customers looking for an eco-friendly products, we also offer dishwashing agents of the German brand FIT GrüneKraft, which are Ecolabel certified and are manufactured from renewable plant raw materials.

The portfolio of ecological products includes washing, cleaning and dishwashing agents as well as dedicated cosmetic lines of such brands as: