Air Fresheners

What distinguishes us is the exceptional offer on the market.
More than 1,500 products from over 140 brands from the countries around the world.

In addition to a wide range of popular washing, cleaning, dishwashing and body care products from the world’s largest producers, our offer also includes a unique range of air fresheners and home fragrances. Taking care of the attractiveness of our portfolio in this category, we cooperate with many international manufacturers exclusively, including the Italian brand Felce Azzurra – which offers a perfectly composed, rich line of scented sticks, or with Tesori d’Oriente – characterized by expressive, oriental and extremely elegant fragrance notes of their fragrance sticks. Only in our offer you can also find the largest selection of products in this category from the German manufacturer FIT – which has in its offer Kuschelweich wardrobe air fresheners. The EDG offer also includes fragrances from Freeze Breeze.

The offer of fresheners includes sticks, scented candles, liquid fresheners, or scented pendants for the wardrobe of such brands as: