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Europe Distribution Group Sp. z o.o. is a rapidly growing company that distributes cleaning products. We are an authorized distributor of brands: Der Waschkönig C.G., Herr Klee C.G., WäscheMeister,  GlanzMeister as well as WC Meister. We cooperate with the chain stores, distributors, wholesalers and other entities across Europe. Our company also cooperates with the companies from the Middle East and North Africa.

In our company, we are trying to understand the needs of our partners by our actively engage in their activities. We learn what is important to them. We recognize the challenges and opportunities facing them on the today’s highly competitive and complex markets.

We focus on the continuous development and the innovation. We are aware of how important it is that the products that we sell were appreciated by the trust of our customers. Consequently, we are working on strengthening the brands that we are selling in Poland and abroad.

Our company has a warehouse hall with an area of 2000 m2, in which there are currently 2400 pallet places. Office space is 560 m2.

Sale of the high-quality products

We are an  authorized distributor of:

Der Waschkönig C.G.

Are you looking for alternatives for known from TV brands of washing products, and at the same time you want an attractive price, effectiveness and efficiency? Der Waschkönig C.G. is for you!

Herr Klee C.G.

Herr Klee C.G. brand is not only washing products, but also the whole range of various cleaning products. The brand is for people, who appreciate effectiveness and comfort of the cleaning products, but also care for an affordable price.


WäscheMeister offer includes economically beneficial cleaning products. This is idealfor people, who are looking for savings in home budget!


GlanzMeister is an innovative line of agents intended for dishes washing. The perfect choice for people expecting efficiency in the fight with even the toughest dirt.

WC Meister

WC Meister products are designed for toilet use. They not only remove all residue, but they keep the toilet fresh and bacteria free. It’s the best choice for those, who cherish hygienic cleanliness.

Buzzy - English household chemicals

Buzzy is a professional line of cleaning products manufactured for the English market. At the moment, Buzzy detergents, i.e. washing powder and gel, are available in our offer. Buzzy washing products are a guarantee of the highest quality on the market, which is available at your fingertips.

Freeze Breeze

Freeze Breeze is cleaning products manufactured for the English market. Currently, our offer includes fragrance pearls providing washed fabrics with pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. More products will join them in the near future.

Catalogue of Products Europe Distribution Group

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